Monday, September 18, 2006

Good help is hard to find

Used to be, you hired someone for a job, they regarded themselves as artisans and created art.

No longer.

More and more do we hear news of people not taking pride in their chosen profession, masquerading as craftsmen when they are just pretenders.

Case in point is Saddam Hussain.

For years this yum-yum terrorized an entire subcontinent.

(Of course it did matter that the other so-called 'leaders' were sybaritic fraidy-cats as well.)

His public exposure as a coward, and subsequent expulsion from the Global Institute of Dictators, Despots, & Tyrants, popularly known as DIRTBAGs, was a direct result of his exposing other dictators as cowards as well.

See this post for more.

Alas, I digress.

In the news this weekend was the snippet of a 51 year-old nurse strangulating her would-be assassin.

Coming home from work, this woman was assaulted by a claw-hammer wielding man she thought was a burglar.

She then proceeds to strangle her assailant to death.

Are you freakin' kiddin' me?

Has this world gone mad?

She did not shoot him to death.

She did not stab him to death.

She did not bludgeon him to death.

She did not asphyxiate him to death with a (conveniently placed) electrical cord/belt/whatever.

She did not pepper-spray or mace him to death.

Heck, she did not even Taser him to death!

She strangled him to death with her bare hands!!!

If he was just a burglar as initially surmised, he could be forgiven for this lack of conditioning.

Turns out, he was an assassin!

Yes, an assassin! Hired by the woman's estranged husband to whack the broad.

Then the vic kills him? With her bare hands too!

I mean, didn't this guy have pride in his chosen profession? How can he walk the streets after such a debacle?

Oops! I forgot, he's D-I-D, DEAD.

Loser even in the afterlife.

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