Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Infra Dig: Apple WWDC

That Grand Puba of the Sound Bite, Steve Jobs, was in full force this past week at Macworld Apple WorldWide Developer Conference.

Bereft of new ideas, and unable to further churn more Gold-pressed Latinum from the adoring cattle crowd, Jobs’ handlers took the time to come up with the totally boring phrases, “Leopard is Vista 2.0” and “Hasta La Vista”. While many right-thinking people might have thought it was infra dignitatem of Jobs, and by proxy, Apple, it was just the kind of catchy, meaningless nonsense, a sort of verbal masturbation if you will, that we have come to expect from Jobs when the cupboard is bare.

What’s next?

However, contrast Paul Thurrott’s dissection of the whole address with this breathless, gushing, front-running blog post from Jupiter’s Michael Gartenberg, on the subject of backups:

Gartenberg: “….Time Machine. This is huge and frankly, to understand how powerful this backup and recovery app is, you have to see it in action. It might be the coolest software interface I've seen in a long time. I can say this about it, when I saw the demo the first time. I smiled. Then I grinned. Then I laughed. Watching the audience during the Steve's keynote, you could see a similar reaction from folks. Backup is hard to do, and even harder to work with, that's why most folks don't bother. Apple has finally taken the onus on itself to provide consumers with the tool they need to protect their digital life. This one alone is worth the price of admission…..”

Thurrott: “…Time Machine. "With Mac OS X Leopard and Time Machine ... you can go back in time to recover anything you’ve ever backed up. Time Machine’s time-based browser [lets you] see a snapshot of how your entire system looked on any given day — file by file." Wow, neat. It was especially neat when Microsoft included it in Windows Server 2003 over three years ago and called it Volume Shadow Copy. And yes, Windows Vista has it too, built right-in. It even has the backup stuff. Obviously.…..”

¿Que??? All that fawning about a backup program?

Now you know why Jobs is the way he is!

The OS X releases from the intro of OS X to now have been many, four I think, and at a cost of $129.00 USD per ‘upgrade’, you then realize that the herd proletariat has been paying a monetary tribute to King Jobs while he has been feeding them his (really) tired jokes.

Meanwhile these so-called upgrades have been nothing more than eye-candy, security patches, and bug fixes.

If Microsoft had charged the same amount of money in the same period of time for such 'upgrades', can you imagine the fallout?

Go figure!
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