Thursday, August 03, 2006

Dell abandons PDA development???

Somebody wake me up!

Is dell still in the PDA business?

Their sad offerings have been eyesores for a while now, and now they finally pull the plug? What was the big event?

Apart from price, there was zero valueadd going with a Dell PDA.

Absolutely Z-E-R-O!

Design was an afterthought. There weren't any gee-whiz features. Even the stale design had been frozen for a while.

One would have thought that with Dell's reach, they could have morphed into a sorta MVNO for data services, a definite value-add, IMO.

HP sales droids for enterprises must be drooling in their sleep now that they will have a another entreport into Dell customers. (Apart from flaming laptops, that is.)

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