Monday, July 10, 2006

Off-Point: Zidane, Zidane, Zidane!

Enough already!

Those same idiotic talking heads on sports talk radio are at it again.

Zidane cost his team the Cup!

He did?


Did he score in his own goal?

For goodness sakes, the guy, of Arab-French ancestry, was called a terrorist!


I thought it was only the soccer fans, soccer media, and coaches that were hooligans!

Add players to the mix.

Since he is of North African or Middle Eastern origin, or of ancestry from a predominantly Moslem country, I can understand his lashing out: the fraustration of being either labelled with those lunatics just because of ancestral origins must linger.

And don't say he had to think of his country at that time. The same andrenaline pumping through his veins would have him freaking out.

Heck, if there was a derogatory term for people of Nigerian origin that I would find offensive and had a moron say that to me, I would have had to be surgically seperated from the person!

Since I would have ripped off his head, and jumped down his throat so far that I would be able to peek out his A$$!!!

Now everyone blames him? I wonder when soccer

  1. became an individual sport, and
  2. where the other 10 players, not counting the subs were?

Then these Mensas with microphones are now Monday-Morning quarterbacks. A$$holes.

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