Saturday, July 29, 2006

Post-Beta II feedback improvements to Vista

Less than a week ago, in a post here, I gave props to virtually all the teams working on the current spate of Microsoft betas.

I must be a seer as this post on the Windows Vista Team Blog shows: they HAVE been listening!

The amount of changes are impressive and go a long way in mitigating the pain from the transition.

Major props to ya'all!

Nigeria orders 1 million $100 laptop computers???


For all the good things Gen. Obasanjo has done, this is the most boneheaded decision I have seen come out of his administration.

What a joke!

For what?

A wanker using an OS tha no one wants or needs.

When these kids grow up, what, just what, are they going to use as their primary system?

Whatever flava' of Linux is available?

What a mess.

A real Godo-Godo idea!

Monday, July 24, 2006

UK Requirement???

Don't look now, but those advance fee fraud artists are at it again.

Popularly known as the Nigerian 419 fraud, advance fee fraud involves con artists defrauding greedy, gullible and, IMO, potential co-conspirators of a "fee" paid in advance for a fraudulent money transfer, lottery, or other get-rich-quick scheme.

The latest?

Country-by-country "requirements" for participating in the Bill Gates Foundation giveaway!

Can you fu*king believe the gall of these scammers?

A shame, that innocent Nigerians would be tarred by their cons.
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Feedback Props

Gotta give props when due.

This 'Holla' goes to both the Vista & Longhorn Beta, Office 2007 beta , Windows Live QnA beta, and Windows Live OneCare support crews.

Responses has been nothing short of speedy. With real answers by real people, not some canned answers by moronic droids without a clue.

Since it is against their company policy to list individuals, I am sending mad props to the entire crews involved.

Mad, mad props!
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Vista Power-User SKU?

In a post today at her Microsoft Watch website, Microsoft Analyst Mary Jo Foley talks about advanced users clammoring for a Vistatm Power-User SKU.

What a coincidence.

Since I believe that same question was asked at some of the private Vista briefings I attended at CES 2006 in Las Vegas this January.

Microsoft, heed this: We want our Power-User SKU!
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Friday, July 21, 2006

"Zune" is Real

Michael Gartenberg, of JupiterKagen, had this post in his blog, as soon as his NDA was lifted.
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Not a good day to be a Dell holder

Is that stock getting jacked up or what?

5-yr low?

Not to worry, I don't hold any at this time!

Thursday, July 20, 2006

J.A. Adande on Barry Bonds

J. A. Adande, a sports columnist with the Los Angeles Times, is a person that I mostly agree with his opinions about 0.1% ot the time, especially his, IMO, penchant for ripping KB24, the NBA star formerly known as Ko8e.

However, in this article, Adande hit it right on the head about the rumors of Barry Bonds' looming federal indictment for perjury and tax evasion.

He also, correctly, I might add, asks a poignant question that seems to be ducked by members of the press, which I will paraphrase as, "Apart from the fact that Lance Armstrong is liked by the media, what is the difference between his case and Bonds'?"

I would even go far as to say that Bonds has never had a sample test positive, as Armstrong's was, despite the fact that the results were dismissed, not for their veracity, but for some procedural errors.

What can I say?

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Dear Microsoft, I'm Sorry...

This thread on Channel 9 highlights a member's return to the mothership after an expedition into Linux.


Upgrade Instructions to Vista from XP

In (Nick White's) Vista Team Blog, we are informed of a new page with information on upgrade requirements and instructions in order to mitigate the anxiety over the transition from Windows XP to Windows Vista.

This blog is required reading for all interested in an orderly migration to Vista.

Windows Live Mail Desktop now in public beta

Windows Live Mail Center, formerly known as Windows Live Mail Desktop, has been moved out of a very private (meaning Yours Truly wasn't in it) beta into the public beta realm.

Hive member Sidebar Geek, not only provided the link, but has an interview with Lewis Lin, Product Planner of the WLMC, and PM of Windows Live Custom Domains.


BTW, this IS the product that should be shipping with Windows Vistatm, not the included Windows Mail client.

Also, Lewis Lin, while he does not know me from Adam, Eve, or man+dog, is on my @#$% list since I was not in on his beta
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Monday, July 17, 2006

Discovery Lands in Florida

Welcome home, People!

A few minutes ago, the Space Shuttle Discovery made a safe landing at Cape Canaveral, in Florida.


I cannot be happier!

This has turned out to be a very good weekend for me: my son Trevor getting baptized, having a combined baptismal and late birthday party for him, seeing family members and friends, no more soccer on TV, Michael Schumacher winning at Magny Cours, and now Discovery coming home.

Praise the Lord! Amen!

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Virtual PC is now free!

Microsoft's Virtual PC product, both the currently shipping Virtual PC 2004, and the forthcoming Virtual PC 2007 and later versions, are now, and will be free!

This is a huge, huge announcement.

When the announcement was made on April 3, about the freedom of Virtual Server, I wondered why Virtual PC was not included. At the time, it seemed that Microsoft was still playing defense, trying to emulate EMC's freeing of their VMWare Server product.

Now they seem to be going forward with a lot more verve, and risking failure, a position which seemed to have altogether vanished from Microsoft over the past few years, when risk-aversion seemed to have come to the fore, both in products, and strategy.

Thanks, Microsoft.

About time, as well!

We really need you to be a more daring in moving computing forward. The rise of GOOG and all the other (current) media 'Ho's' darlings is entirely due to you having seeded the innovative ensign to them, our ostrich-like fight for you notwithstanding.

Kudos to your Windows Live team for not laying down the innovation colors.

In briefings with members of that team courtesy of The Hive at both privately at CES 2006 and at the Vista Beta Labs, what I can tell you (definitely not under NDA) is that those guys and gals are brimming with extremely brilliant and useful ideas. An indication of this is the amount of Windows Live products that have gone gold in the past few.

Heaven help their competitors when those ideas go gold.


Download link for Virtual PC 2004 SP1 is here.

Props to Hive member Sidebar Geek for breaking this, and Hive moderator Waggler for headlining it.
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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Da Basement II

I had thought I would be able to leave Da Basement by the 17th, but now it looks that it is definitel going to be extended for one more week, until July 24th.

What can I say: I (seem) to take a lot of downtime because I have a lot of downtime.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Polish President picks Identical Twin as PM

Where is Seinfeld when you need him?

We are truly living in Bizzaro World.

Why else can I open the fish wrap and find such a headline.

This, IMO, about validates all those Polish jokes.

What next? Another near-identical sibling as VP?


Off-Point: Zidane, Zidane, Zidane!

Enough already!

Those same idiotic talking heads on sports talk radio are at it again.

Zidane cost his team the Cup!

He did?


Did he score in his own goal?

For goodness sakes, the guy, of Arab-French ancestry, was called a terrorist!


I thought it was only the soccer fans, soccer media, and coaches that were hooligans!

Add players to the mix.

Since he is of North African or Middle Eastern origin, or of ancestry from a predominantly Moslem country, I can understand his lashing out: the fraustration of being either labelled with those lunatics just because of ancestral origins must linger.

And don't say he had to think of his country at that time. The same andrenaline pumping through his veins would have him freaking out.

Heck, if there was a derogatory term for people of Nigerian origin that I would find offensive and had a moron say that to me, I would have had to be surgically seperated from the person!

Since I would have ripped off his head, and jumped down his throat so far that I would be able to peek out his A$$!!!

Now everyone blames him? I wonder when soccer

  1. became an individual sport, and
  2. where the other 10 players, not counting the subs were?

Then these Mensas with microphones are now Monday-Morning quarterbacks. A$$holes.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Going to da' Basement

I'm taking a break, aka, going to da basement, from now until July 18 for the baptism of my younger son, Trevor.

Since there will be lots of family members and friends from all over the globe, I decided to use this downtime to finish my detailed and publish Windows Vista Beta II Review.

This is my 2nd Beta II Review; however, this time I am aided by the Windows VistaTM Product Guide.

Also slated to be published this month is the latest issue of the SmallBizVista Informer, which will be back after a 3-month hiatus. I hope editing completed by the end of the downtime, and send it out for publishing by July 18TH.

Many thanks and props to Nick White and the entire crew at The Hive for the copy of the Product Guide.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

AOL may offer web services for free

And, pray tell, who cares?

Really, who?

The company, apart from all the cattle/customers/users/whatever they're called, do not pass the relevance test any more.

I can only hope that this development spurs Microsoft to open up the MSN Explorer product.

Though, in all reality, while it has been surpassed by the free Windows Live products gound at, it is still groundbreaking and relevant in that it allows for aggregation of your information using a standard web browser, rather than the AOL crapware

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Vista Running on a MacBook Pro!

Now that it is in the wild, we saw it in May!
  • Vista on Macbook starting up

  • The Desktop

  • A closeup of the desktop

  • The build number, 5427 - never released to outsiders.

Sweet, eh?

This almost made me consider a MacBook Pro as a replacement until Mike and Stuart (Michael-HWG & Hidden_Hunter) warned me off the idea.No
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Nobody Came!

What if you gave a party and nobody came?

Can you imagine what the Supreme Leader, the son of the Perpetual President must be feeling now?

How many of the scientists who worked on the Taepodong 2 missile will/are being targeted by that lift-wearing midget for some sort of re-education, even as we speak?

Can you visualize the fury?

Goes to show, just because you build a long metal cylinder, fill it with rocket fuel and electronics, does not mean it will fly.

What that in-bred dwarf wanted to do was probably deflect internal attention from himself and his failed, blood-thirsty, inhuman policies.

Judging by the sabre-rattling that followed his decision, he succeeded.

Prediction: the lowliest country in Africa will be orbital before that highheels-wearing Lilliput ever succeeds in his fantasy.

NOTE: Dwarf, midget, high-heels wearing Lilliput, and other pejorative terms have been knowingly used to describe Kim Jong-il, the genocidal leader of North Korea.
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Bull's mascot assaults police officer

Wonders never cease!!!

Who had ever thought of the day when a guy loser wearing a mascot suit would be charged with violence?

Didn't someone read this guy the mascot LOSER manual?

Isn't he supposed to be the lone post adolescent holdover from the audio-visual squad?


Space Shuttle Returns

I have been so happy about the return of the Space Shuttle's to operational status, with the STS-121 mission, albeit in a test stage, that I almost forgot to blog about it.

This is a Very Good Thing!

I hope the President and Congress give budget authority to NASA for studies into a follow-on reusable, manned, atmospherically-maneuverable re-entry vehicle to replace the current Shuttle fleet and also authorize their procurement. That would be a lasting legacy of this presidency.

This mission also means a lot to me personally: Stephanie D. Wilson, a mission specialist on STS-121, is an African American. And an F-O-X Fox! A real Hottie!

Following in the footsteps of the following Pioneers:
  • Colonel Guion Bluford, USAF - the 1st Black American in space, STS-8, STS-61A, STS-39.
  • Dr. Ronald McNair, R.I.P., civilian - unfortunately the 1st Black to die in a spacecraft (Space Shuttle Challenger, January 28, 1986); STS-41B, STS-51L - the ill-fated Challenger Mission.
  • Colonel Frederick Gregory - USAF, STS-51B, STS-33, STS-44.
  • Brigadier General Charles Bolden, Jr., USMC - STS-61C, STS-31, STS-45, STS-60.
  • Mae Jamison, MD, civilian - 1st Black woman in space - STS-47.
  • Bernard Harris, MD, civilian - STS-55, STS-63.
  • Captain Winston Scott, USN - STS-72, STS-87.
  • Captain Robert Curbeam, USN - STS-85, STS-98, barely older than I am.
  • Lieutenant Colonel Michael Anderson, USAF, R.I.P. - STS-89, STS-107 - the deadly crash of the Space Shuttle Columbia, February 1, 2003.
While she is not Black, I am adding Dr. Judith A. Resnik, STS-41D, STS-51L to the list. I made her part of the family in 1986, and twenty years later, she is still remembered.

We owe you all a world of thanks.

I especially want to thank all of you for living my dream, as I enjoy it vicariously through all your accomplishments.

Stephanie, you go, girl!

Monday, July 03, 2006

Create HD DVD content on DVD DL discs

Trust someone to come up with a way to mitigate the stupidly exorbitant cost of blank high-def discs.

This solution is from the AVS Forum.


Ultimate Keyboard for Vista

Designed expressly for Vista, this is the first Microsoft keyboard for the new OS that is also built for a 30-foot experience.

While I like all of it, it is missing a crucial piece that will relegate it to the game room only: a numeric keypad.

So, Microsoft, please could you add a numeric keypad?

Pretty please?

If one is added, or already in the works, or already made (that company really has a lot of smart people), then Unimatrix Zero-1 will move all systems to it.

The productivity gains from the backlighting alone pays for it!

Regulators approve Microsoft fines

This is something that I have to respond to, albeit with a lot of thought.

So, I'll revisit after the holiday.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Schumacher Wins at Indy Again

Now that is what I'm talking about!

At the 2006 Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile Formula One Grand Prix of America, held at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Schumi again showed why he is, without doubt and the pretenders running in circles in Neck-car notwithstanding, the best driver in the world.

I sincerely hope this will start a run for Ferrari with 8 races left in the season.

Schumi, please continue to do your thing, Bro'!