Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Unimatrix Zero-1 Moves to Cable Broadband

After a month of super slooooow DSL, I finally bit the bullet and called Comcast for their cable modem service.

(I have DISH Network satellite service because of the sweetheart deal from bromwichmajor Communications for HDTV in every room, including the kid’s room, a total of 8 TVs for a low, low price.)

Anyhoo, I did not want to go the cable broadband way because the listed cost, $49.99, was a whole lot more than the $17.99 I was paying for DSL.

However, the slow speed of the DSL totally eradicated whatever goodwill I felt towards the helpful support crew at at&t. I just couldn’t take it anymore; it was getting to the stage where I wanted to heave my system outta the window.

Ordered the cable broadband service and was told of a Convert-from-DSL discount making my cost $29.99 per for the 1st year, installation in two days. You can imagine how fast I jumped aboard, this price good even without subscribing to the cable video service! Talk about eating your cake and having it!

So, Unimatrix Zero-1 now has fast broadband service, and all is well.

What I don’t know is if I was automatically signed up for a 1-year contract with Comcast.

PS. I need to call at&t maƱana to cancel the DSL.
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