Thursday, June 01, 2006

Applied Digital CEO: Immigrants Should wear RFID Tags

Just when you think it is safe to go back into the water, comes a bit of stupid, moronic drivel, this one coming from the pie-hole of the CEO of Applied Digital, Scott Silverman.

In a particularly frightening statement, this idiot states that, "if foreigners were tagged using Applied Digital RFID implants at the border, the technology could verify their identities in the workplace."

The mind boggles!

Can you imagine anything this horrid?

When I, as an American, go abroad, do I want to be tagged?

Hell Fu*king NO!!!

Not by a despotic government! And definitely not by a government in a heavily-industrialized - read that as NATO - country.

I mean, WTF is next?

Tagging criminals?

Tagging schoolkids? Sorry, some bonehead school district in California already tried that.

Tagging babies at birth instead of names? Vic & Rosa, here is THX1139? or 7-of-9?

Or the best two yet:

Tagging by ethnic group?

Tagging by criminality potential, a la Minority Report?

Where does this stop, Scott?

As a Black man, and a member of a global ethnic minority, developments like this are downright scary!

Goes to show, just because you run a relevant company, does not mean you have any common sense, moral, or decency values.

Scott Silverman, take a bow. Officially, IMO, you ARE an A$$hole!

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