Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Tekmaven ( The Real Reason Why Windows Vista Was Delayed

When talking heads blogosphere pundits without a clue start talking about stuff for which they don't have a clue, watch out.

So much has been written about the Vista that members of the public without insider knowledge have started taking what they hard read as Gospel. And it is all conjecture. Worsened by those with knowlkedge looking for traffic drivers to their sites.

My pal, Ryan Hoffman, tekmaven, of the popular Windows technology website,, was able to get the reasons for the Vista delay straight form the horse's mouth. Yes, he got the reason from Jim Alchin himself.

In an article found here, tekmaven reveals that:

Most PC manufacturers don’t make their PCs in the US. In fact, most manufactures import their PCs from overseas, and they aren’t flown in to the US, but brought over by boat. As you could imagine, importing PCs over to the US by boat is a slow process, and these PCs end up taking months to arrive after their order. If Vista was released right before the holiday season, most PCs in stores would still have XP. In fact, only very few computer companies would actually have the ability to deliver Vista during the holiday season. Imagine walking into Best Buy, and seeing three PCs with Vista, and thirty running XP. Which would you buy? In fact, most of these manufacturers breathed a huge sigh of relief when Microsoft announced the delay, and some has been quietly thanking Microsoft.

Jim did tell us, that any machine shipping with the Windows Vista Capable logo will have full driver support in Vista – in fact, it’s a Microsoft requirement. This isn’t going to be one of those ME -> XP upgrade disasters that happened prior to the XP launch.

Isn't it nice to get information from those who know?

Thanks, Ryan.

PS. Ryan, where's my WinHEC swag?

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