Wednesday, May 03, 2006

A Tale of Two at&t Support Reps

In my post about AOL found here, I promised to tell my experience with a support representative at at&t who put the service in customer service.

When I tried to change my phone and DSL service to my new address, I was told I could only get the $17.99/month Pro package if I signed up online; also, my new number had to be working before I could perform the order.

Wha??? Yes, believe that! OK, I said and upon getting my family ensconced at mi casa, I went to wifey's clinic to order DSL.

Hello!!!! Screeching stop! System couldn't find my new phone number and tried to upgrade my former number. Fortunately, there was a customer service number to call and I did just that. Support serf couldn't help me and offered to escalate my problem to a specialist. "Do that", said I, and was given the phone number to the specialist I was being connected to.

Specialist came on the line and intro'd herself as Margaret. Cool, calm, and helpful; totally unlike the initial order-taker.

Unfortunately, I got disconnected. Called the number the support serf had given me. Got to a support droid masquerading as a specialist. Totally unhelpful. Told me I had to wait for a week to ten days before I could order DSL from at&t. Did not want to take any of my info to look into my account. Just as I was about to tell her how to perform recto-cranial de-insertion surgery on herself before screaming at her to copulate with herself, my cellphone rang. It was Margaret the at&t Specialist.

Thankfully, she had looked at my account details, retrieved my alternate contact info, and took it on herself to initiate the callback to finish the order. Contrary to her idiotic colleague, and I use the word colleague in the loosest sense, I did NOT have to wait for a week to ten days. My DSL should be active on Monday, May 8, albeit at 756Kbps to 1.5Mbps. I thanked her profusely for her assistance.

Her willingness to engage customers at such a high level is very commendable.

One company, two representatives, two levels of assistance. I am upset that I don't recall the name of the droid who was totally unhelpful.

Specialist Margaret, props to you.

Honorable mention in the customer service space: PG&E for the use of technology in alleviating customer frustration due to long wait-on-hold times. The technology: callback. The call management system offers to call you back without your losing you place in line. Great idea.
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