Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Stupid Article: Your World Wiithout Microsoft

Coming out of the piehole of a 'pundit' at InfoWorld is an article with the above title.

More disturbing is the quote from a Mac fanboi on the editorial team at that magazine in response to a question that, "Microsoft's disappearance would be a good thing, saying, "I hope it would jump start the kind of competitive innovation we haven't seen forever."



I'll stop here while you catch up.

What an assinine position.

It makes you realize the exact reason InfoWorld has faded into obscurity, and worse yet, irrelevance.

In the mid/late '80s and through the 1990s, InfoWorld was a font for cogent, on-point, IT journalism, albeit a perennial runner-up to PCWeek. The decline started when editorial management decided to turn the paper into a opinion slag, and their readership voted with their eyeballs going elsewhere. The paper has niche'd itself to where it is today.

This nonsensical article is just the kind of stupid response-baiting I have come to expect from it.

New blog policy: No hyperlinks to articles from idiots. I'm trying to create an idiot-free zone.

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