Tuesday, May 16, 2006

The Right Legacy.

Give props where props are due.

Mr. President, props to you for the immigration reform speech yesterday.

Long after his 2nd term ends, President Bush will be remembered, and applauded for his courage and vision in finally tackling this problem.

The ostriches would like to send the people home.

To where?

Do they seriously think that Mexico, assuming 50% of all illegals are from there, can absorb 6 milliom people? Even over a period of several months or years?

Or have they looked at the financial costs, both direct and indirect, of sending them back? Using $5000 as a baseline, you have a $60 billion invoice for the relocation costs directly.

$60 direct costs.

When the repatriation is complete, let us now look at the indirect costs.

What do we do about the jobs that the illegals did that American citizens do not want to do?

Oh, I remember: mobilize everyone on welfare and send them to the farms.


This solution is a big win for businesses.

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