Friday, May 19, 2006

Antoine Walker

In a post here, just after KO8E's 81-point coming-out party, I excoriated Antoine Walker for stating that he would have clotheslined Ko8e in order to stop him from getting to 81.

Well, I now stand sit before you munching on a platter of crow.

Listening to Antoine talk a few minutes ago on a Sports Talk Radio interview - the show name I won't mention because the host is an abominable swine, and I was scanning stations to listen to until I got the snippet, he waxed eloquently about all of his team members and of the playoffs. (For me, as a Los Angeles Lakers fan, the season IS over.) The host decided to ask him a question, "If you were starting a team right now and have the 1st pick of the draft of any player in the NBA, who would you choose?

Walker's answer?

KO8E Bryant!

I was stunned! So was the oafish host, who asked the question again! Walker replied that Bryant was the best player in the league while the (really) Big Shaq was the most dominant.

As a result, I an having this crow feast.

Goes to show, when some of these clowns deinsert their feet from their mouths, they are sometimes capable of coherrent utterances!

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