Tuesday, May 02, 2006

7th Level of Hell

Whoever is in charge of usability for AOL deserves to be banished to the 7th Level of (AO)Hell immediately.

Moving this week, I tried to get the morons at SBC, 'scuuuuuuuuze me, at&t, to transfer my old number and service to my new address.

Could these Mensas do it? NO! I had to cancel my prior account and start a new one! Adding insult to injury is the fact that my DSL service is interrupted. (No, I don't want cable broadband; those cableco clowns have never heard about the phrase, price normalization. As it relates to cable broadband versus DSL in all [forms].) Was that enough? No. To rub salt in the wound, my new home is so far from the CSO, I can only receive the lowest tier of DSL service.

Am I pissed? Yes. While I am thankful I have broadband, the speed is so slow as to be called pseudo-DSL. Still, it IS better than dial-up.

Sorry, I digressed; I will have another post about a wonderfully knowledgeable and helpful at&t support specialist who helped sort out my DSL problem.

....Back to AOL.

Since I couldn't have a broadband internet connection at the mi casa until, hopefully, Monday, May 8th, I decided to take the low road and procure one of those AOL coasters and do a temporary signup for the next week.

What an experience!

Inserting the disk into a temp XP boot partition on my test rig made me (remember &) regret using AOL again.

The AOL install program asks just one question, paraphrased as, "Do you want to try AOL?", then proceeds to install a myriad number of worthless and useless programs on your system: AOL deskbar, REAL player basic, Quicktime, are the most annoying. It insinuates itself deeply into your startup processes. Tell me: do you at any time in your life, need AOL to be started when your system boots up? Do you?

To crown it all, you cannot remove the program without it leaving insidious artifacts of itself all over your system.

Can you fu*king believe this?

Can't wait for my DSL to kick in!
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