Sunday, May 28, 2006


What a milestone!

Here's hoping that quite a few 'baseball purists' have freaking fatal heart attacks.

To all who wanted Barry to 'just retire' at the start of this season, "May your souls rot in hell"!


Now that he has surpassed the 'Bambino', what are you going to do?

So much has been made of Bonds getting to 715 that today a few words seem necessary from Yours Truly.

To all that say it won't be celebrated, fine!

No problem. I don't remember any celebration when McGuire passed Ruth's 60-homer single season mark on his way to breaking Roger Maris' record.

And this would not have been a problem if Bonds was a Tiger Woods/Michael Jordan-type media harlot.

He's Bonds, well aware of his place in time, in (baseball) history.

Long after the 'purists' are gone we'll remember Bonds, not some hack for a fishwrap insert newspaper name here.

Then there are hypocrites like Tommy Lasorda, who says he does not want to have anything to do with it. Err, Tommy, it is now 15.01. Take a bow. Your fifteen minutes are over. Go bye-bye. Did you not have a certain closer that is now deflated?

The steriod thing?

A canard!

Thrown, a la that thrown around about (The Los Angeles Lakers') #24(8) to justify their personal dislike for his 'arrogance'.

Arrogance it is when a Black man asserts confidence.

Since we're on 'The Black Thing', how many homers would Ruth have hit if people of color were allowed in the Bigs back then? Would he not have faced a more balanced competitive field as the players of today do?

I'm tired of these a$$wipes walking of the halcyon days of yore as if back then all players were saints!

For goodness freaking sakes, remember the Black Sox Scandal?

Now the same purists bastards want to deify the members of the team, with the crap that, "Enough time had gone by.."

There's an 'X' marked on my A$$, mutha's. Feel free to kiss it.

Barry is at 715.

Die already.

Congrats, Barry.

PS. Unless he IS a better person in his personal life, I still would not ask him to be a dinner guest, based on the news we hear about him.
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