Friday, April 21, 2006

Trevor's (1st) Birthday Party at School

At his daycare today, Trevor had a birthday party.

The kids had pizza, a clown, balloons, gifts,...... the works!

This is just the preliminary thing, since we are planning a big event for the summer.

He loved it.

The other kids at his daycare, including his Big Bro' John, loved it as well.

Thanks to all who made it happen:

God, without whom we won't be here

His mom (and my wife) Kehi - always doing whatever it takes to be make them happy

John III - consummate big brother

Rhonda Glenn - owner and operator of Rhonda's Rascals, the daycare my sons go to, a totally fun and educational facility, best in Red Bluff - as I have blogged here, here, here, and here before. (Also thanks to her husband Terry, son Anthony, and daughter Amanda.)

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