Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Seagate Announces 12GB 1-inch drive!

This computer/computing thing is going way too far.

I'm almost at the stage where I cannot keep up!

I remember my first hard drive, a 10MB monster! Don't laugh; I was the only one I knew who had a an IBM PC with a hard drive, my classmates still had C-64s and Atari 800s with floppiy drives only.

Then a few years into the IT thing, circa 1989-90, I also remember that the largest capacity drives we could get were the Seagate ST6766 drives. The were 676MB full-height drives that I had to compsurf for our NetWare servers. Heck, if you ever need a boat anchor.....

Now Seagate has a 12GB 1-inch drive.

Hard to wrap my brain around the size/capacity of this announcement.

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