Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Microsoft Office Live (beta) released today

Microsoft Office Live beta has been released into the wild.

Office Live has been released to beta testers by Microsoft today. It has been announced by Microsoft the it has over 100,000 businesses lined up to take advantage of Office Live.

For the most part, it seems that most of the early speculation about what Office Live is and is not have sorely missed what it was. In the crescendo of rumors and (unfounded) exectations, the words from Microsoft about what Office Live is was lost. The official press release can be found

Office Live is an easy-to-use web hosting and Internet presence creation/maintenance service that Microsoft hopes to go gold in the near term. A 3-tier service, ranging from a free to two paid packages, Office Live aims to give small to medium-sized business a way to create an website quickly, and add collaboration, domain services, and email very quickly.

comparison chart of the current Office Live offerings is also on the Office Live welcome page. is proudly a product of the current beta offerings, utilizing the top rung of the offering, called Office Live Essentials. As a result, we will be constantly reviewing Office Live for performance, ease-of-use, reporting, and collaboration, to see if the service measures up.

With our parent company, Logikworx, we will be attempting to see how Office Live extends the breadth of the offerings we offer to clients.

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