Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Effa Manley

Effa Manley, co-owner of the Negeo League Newark Eagles, on Monday became the first woman elected into the National Baseball Hall of Fame.

This is amazing!.

To say that MLB is not trying to make amends would now be a specious statement.

Totally unlike the NFL and Fritz Pollard, blogged about here.

The entire story, from the Los Angeles Times.

Monday, February 27, 2006

Microsoft re-designs iPod packaging.

This video, from a link on Channel 9, had me ROFL

From your personal experience with Microsoft packaging, how true?

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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Hey, Hey Hey!

Trevor's Walking!

10 months old, and 3 steps at a time today!

For the past couple of weeks, Trevor has held on to the walls, sofa, even both wifey and my pants taking a few steps.

But today............

Trevor is taking about three steps at a time without holding anything!

I'm still as pleased and surprised as when John was doing the same.

Praise the Lord!


Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Windows Vista February CTP released today

Microsoft has released the February CTP of Windows Vista.

Dubbed the 'Enterprise CTP', this release, Build 5308 is available as a download only; our copies are downloading as we speak.

More to follow.........

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Friday, February 17, 2006

SmallBizVista.com's Mission

From SmallBizVista.com's website:
Our Mission
In the final quarter of 2006, Microsoft is expected to release Windows VistaTM, the successor operating system (OS) to the current Windows XP (all versions). Shortly thereafter, in 2007, the follow-on to Windows Server 2003, currently codenamed Longhorn Server is projected to debut.

As with every new OS, there will be pain.

Despite Microsofts best intentions, non-compliant, and/or poorly-written software, be it drivers, application software, or utilities, will cause serious incompatibilities across the board. And we are just talking about errant software! For others, aka 'compliant' software, the compatibility issues inherent in any evolutionary upgrade can make many a company assume that the status quo is 'good enough'.

However, is the status quo really good enough?

This is a question that will be asked several times over the next few months, rising to a deafening crescendo in the days leading to, and immediately following the release of VistaTM.

In anticipation of this,
Logikworx, an SMB Systems & Security solutions Integrator using Microsoft technologies, based in Marina Del Rey, California, decided to set up a family of websites, under AbsoluteVista.com, dedicated to bringing you information on VistaTM as it relates to small- and medium-sized businesses.

We will not generally have scoops. Nor first-to-tell information - there are lots of sites dedicated to that. What we will bring you is news and information relevant to small businesses. We will help transition from XP and Windows 2000. And we will attempt to ease the pain.

SmallBizVista.com will be your source for in-depth reviews of Windows VistaTM, Microsoft Office 2007, currently in beta as Office 12 Beta 1, Microsoft Office Live, and the associated Windows Live offerings, Longhorn Server, and describe a migratory route you can take from your current platform to the future. We will also describe how you can take advantage of licensing programs offered by Microsoft to small and medium businesses.

We, contrary to current thought, encourage small businesses to upgrade to VistaTM immediately upon release.


Barring any unforeseen last minute eventualities, our experience with VistaTM from the release of Beta 1 back on August 3rd of 2005. Without a doubt, the security and usability enhancements alone make upgrading to VistaTM a no-brainer.

The ROI on this investment can be, for even the smallest business with five (5) or more staff, easily recouped.

Additionally, this is where Microsofts Software Assurance and Microsoft Licensing programs start to shine; as they provide a lower entry cost for upgrades, while protecting your investment in Microsoft software for the duration of the contract.

For the companies at the top of the SMB scale, or with a lot of ISV-developed software, we can point you in the direction of competent developers who would help in your migration.

In our reviews, we will use ordinary desktops and server configurations similar to what small businesses use. No esoteric hardware here. We will also use our Standard Business Desktop: Microsoft Office Small Business Edition.

SmallBizVista.com will utilize resources available to us from Logikworxs facilities in the US, Africa, and Great Britain.
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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

SmallBizVista.com is now Live!

SmallbizVista.com, a site devoted to Small (& Medium) Business computing using Microsoft's forthcoming Vista operating system is now Live.

Microsoft Office Live (beta) released today

Microsoft Office Live beta has been released into the wild.

Office Live has been released to beta testers by Microsoft today. It has been announced by Microsoft the it has over 100,000 businesses lined up to take advantage of Office Live.

For the most part, it seems that most of the early speculation about what Office Live is and is not have sorely missed what it was. In the crescendo of rumors and (unfounded) exectations, the words from Microsoft about what Office Live is was lost. The official press release can be found

Office Live is an easy-to-use web hosting and Internet presence creation/maintenance service that Microsoft hopes to go gold in the near term. A 3-tier service, ranging from a free to two paid packages, Office Live aims to give small to medium-sized business a way to create an website quickly, and add collaboration, domain services, and email very quickly.

comparison chart of the current Office Live offerings is also on the Office Live welcome page.

SmallBizVista.com is proudly a product of the current beta offerings, utilizing the top rung of the offering, called Office Live Essentials. As a result, we will be constantly reviewing Office Live for performance, ease-of-use, reporting, and collaboration, to see if the service measures up.

With our parent company, Logikworx, we will be attempting to see how Office Live extends the breadth of the offerings we offer to clients.

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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Hidden_Hunter, CCNA

My Aussie friend, Hive member, Hidden_Hunter, just sat for his CCNA exams and passed.

Why is this a big deal?

Because he is only 17!

Yes, 17 and already certified on one of the world's most relevant (tele)communications platforms.

Congratulations to him.

At his age, I was not as focused as he is now; I wanted to go to college to get out of the house, go to Fort Lauderdale for spring break yearly, and throw down Jägermeisters to further my education and please my parents.

I have informed him that I shall be looking forward to a CCIE from him soon.

Major League Props!

Seagate Announces 12GB 1-inch drive!

This computer/computing thing is going way too far.

I'm almost at the stage where I cannot keep up!

I remember my first hard drive, a 10MB monster! Don't laugh; I was the only one I knew who had a an IBM PC with a hard drive, my classmates still had C-64s and Atari 800s with floppiy drives only.

Then a few years into the IT thing, circa 1989-90, I also remember that the largest capacity drives we could get were the Seagate ST6766 drives. The were 676MB full-height drives that I had to compsurf for our NetWare servers. Heck, if you ever need a boat anchor.....

Now Seagate has a 12GB 1-inch drive.

Hard to wrap my brain around the size/capacity of this announcement.

I'm Back!

Been away for the past couple of weeks to the UK and Africa.

I read the news continually, and I have a lot of items to blog about from the past 2 weeks.