Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Mini-Lab I

Windows Vista

Windows Vista uses Server 2003 as its jump-off point.

You heard right; Server 2003, not XP Pro. A server OS!

What benefit does this provide?

Well, security and user management.

As we all know, a server OS is inherently more secure than a client OS.

Furthermore, this OS is more secure by default than any other OS ever released by Microsoft.

It also uses several schemes to enforce security, such as Least User Access, UAP, etc.

(Most of these are discussed in my October and December newsletters)

On the surface, most of the changes to Vista seem cosmetic until you get an earful, and see for yourself, how much work went into the eye-candy.

And it is a lot of work.

It is a tribute to the Vista team that the transition is virtually seamless.

Robert Scoble, of Scobelizer fame, is in attendance, and blogging.

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