Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Kobe's 81: The Aftermath

Morons can't open their pie-holes fast enough!

Vince Carter: Yes, that Vince Carter! "It sets a bad example."

It does, eh, Mensa?

Just because you are asked a question by the press does not mean you have to answer, idiot!

In fact, treat all questions by the press as rhetorical, punk!

Antoine Walker: The -Journeyman-Who-Thinks-He-Has-Game says he'll clothesline Kobe.

What a dolt.

Then again, if he had any real talent, he would still be in Boston. A$$hole!

Pat Riley: "Anyone can do it if given 50 shots."

Sir, what was your highest point total?

Actually, add your best year up and multiply by two. Maybe you'll start reaching Kobe's totals.

Great coach, my ass! If anyone had the talent on the teams Riley had, they'd better win championships.

Shake yourself, and buy some more Brylcreeem!

Greg Anthony: Just who the fuck is this pig? A less-than-average player with bad elocution who has been given a job to fulfil the minority quota of on-air talent - and I use the word talent loosely in his case - for ESPN, now thinks he has answers.


Has the whole world gone mad? I blame ESPN for hiring this idiot.

To compound matters, this is the same fuckhead who translates the results of anonymous current NBA players when they dis Kobe.

This is just going crazy!

Who died and made fucking Greg fucking Anthony a sage?



Seems I have to add Conde-Nast to the list of people to blame for this bastard being given any run!

Totally infra dig of Conde-Nast.

Heck, I'm a Black man and I feel ashamed when this Ebonics-speaking schnorr is given any run.

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Anonymous said...

gimmie a break. kobe is not that good.

Anonymous said...

Michael Jordan would have 150 points, but 6 titles