Thursday, January 05, 2006


Need: Tablet PC > preferably the Motion Computing LS800 for size
Need: Cross-trainers > these hikers are killing my feet
Need: HTC Universal > right away, lack of avtive PDA has made me disorganized

Took a limo ride to a private briefing
Walked a lot, feet still hurt

High-def TVs
Saw the 102" Plasma and 82" LCD TVs at the Samsung booth. These behemoths need to be seen to believe: the dimension will blow you away. Actually in speaking with Howard Sobel of Wugnet, he had an inspired idea that was just totally brilliant. I had looked at it purely for integration purposes into the palaces (14,000-28,000 sq ft) of clients, but his idea is something else. (Can't tell you at this time!) Truly inspired!

Met with PNY at a private briefing at the Mirage; actually had no choice since they had a limo pick me up. Informed me about the forthcoming 8GB (yes, 8GB!) USB key with an MSRP of $200 USD. No kaka, folks! $200! This translates to a street price of $150-$175! For 8 Gigs!. Gentlemen, say hello to speedy computing with Vista.

Using the SuperFetch functionality in Vista will extend your system's memory to the USB key. And with 8GB, can you say fly? Even if only the cache is on the key, 8 Gigs is still 8GB!

This eases a lot of pain for those with systems that do not allow memory increases beyond 1GB.

Next-gen optical drives
Saw both the HD-DVD and Blu-Ray booths: another post, however, I will let you know that I am squarely in the HD-DVD camp unless something catastrophic happens. All because of Sony!

Hello Moto
Motorola had quite a few mobile devices and i got to play with some of them, especially the Moto Q, the PEBL, and the RAZR V3x. Liked them and that is that! Hate the UI immensely! Fell in love with the in-ear Bluetooth headset; gotta have one of those when it ships.

Lots of mobile devices there.

Also, who says Microsoft does not have a good buzz about Vista?

You should have seen the crowd at the Microsoft Pavilion; totally SRO.

The mob at the Vista/Microsoft Communites booth was scary sometimes. Scary good!

Yes, it is an IT crowd,but you could feel the love.

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