Wednesday, January 04, 2006


Very eventful day!

From the missed flight to the 1 -mile walk between terminals at LAX to the serpentine, meandering taxi line at McCarran Airport in Las Vegas. (No kidding, it took 55 minutes from exiting the door at the airport to getting into a cab!)

To meeting old friends and making new ones: Aaron Coldiron, Jed Rose, Josh Levine, Michael Reyes (Michael-HWG), Howard Sobel, Steve Hughes (fyiguy), Larry Richman (phileysmiley), Ira Wilsker, Terri Stratton, Barb, Sandi, Mauricio Freitas, DaveBee, etc., etc.

I will be posting a list of friends at the end of this event, this is just a partial list; I'm so brain tired right now.

The refreshments were great as usual, and everyone was friendly.

However, I must confess that the thing I see and feel right now from the Microsoft team is their passion about Vista and their work.

It is catching, and they seem truly pleased with what they're doing and want to rope you in.

And rightfully so!

The work is good, is secure, it looks very reliable, even in the CTP builds, and has something in it for everyone.

More than that, they ARE listening.

This is a great departure form the recent past, circa release of XP.

This time there is PASSION!

And I like it.

Looking forward to maƱana, with renewed vigor.

Miss Wifey, John, & Trevor.

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