Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Mac Mini Test Drive: Pulled after one day!

Egg on their faces!

And the offer was supposed to last until the end of October '05.

What's up, Job-sy?

Microsoft to purchase Teleo III

Om Malik.

He envisioned a purchase of Teleo by MSFT over three months ago.


SBC to rebrand as AT&T?

Businessweek is reporting that once SBC's purchase of AT&T is completed, the combined company will rebrand as AT&T.

This is wise, since AT&T has a better reputation for service and is more nationally, correction, globally known than SBC, formerly a super-regional telco.

Katrina Aid Scams

I hope all people scamming the unfortunate victims of this disaster will not only go to jail in this life, but get to the 7th level of hell when they die.

OSDL Declines Windows vs Linux Study


Doesn't this show a complete lack of confidence in the Linux products? Or is it a lack of confidence in mutually-accepted tests and/or benchmarks.

Then you have the statement by the CEO of OSDL, which is specious at best.

Whenever Microsoft is lambasted for ills, they try to get the truth out.

Try the same, guys!


In the UK, no less.

Seems like only yesterday I was laughing at my siblings in England who still had to use dial-up for Internet access.

While I'm waiting for SBC to perfect Fiber-to-the-premises (FTTP), and currently plod along at 1.5 to 3mbps, Londoners have zipped by.

Correction: they've rocketed by!

With the designation of fiver as data services by the FCC, I hope telcos shake off the sloth and move faster.

Mac Mini Test Drive

AAPL is offering buyers a 30-day test drive of the Mac Mini.

Has it come to this?

Job-sy, say it ain't so!

If 25% of iPod buyers converted to even Mac Minis, it would be something.

Heck, if each iPod buyer would just purchase 30 songs per unit, ITMS would report sales of nearly 1 billion already!

Where is that vaunted iPod halo?

Kinda fading…..

Xbox Store

Reports are Microsoft is scouting locations in Manhattan for a retail store for the Xbox.

This is going to be good.

I want to see how it stacks up against not just the SonyStyle Playstation stores, but also the stores by AAPL.

Microsoft to purchase Teleo II

Ars Technica has a report on this subject, found here.

Cingular iTunes phone imminent

There are reports that the phone will be limited to anywhere from 25 to 100 songs, so as not to cannibalize the sales of the iPod Shuttle.

If the reports are true, what IS the point of an iTunes cell phone?

Can you say "Hello" to your next phone, a Windows Mobile 5.0 smartphone with nary a restriction?

I can!

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Microsoft to purchase Teleo

As posted earlier, Microsoft announced the purchase of Teleo.

Moron pleads guilty in source-code theft.

How else was this going to end?

Violating the Top Ten: Thou shalt not steal.

Good for him there are plea bargains in American jurisprudence.

Idiots like this cause breaches that make our jobs harder.


Also the 11th, 29th, and and 86th commandments, respectively, thou shalt not get caught, thou shalt not look like a moron when caught, and thou shal not sell stolen stuff on the Internet.

Microsoft to purchase Teleo

Microsoft is expected to announce the purchase later today of San Francisco-based Teleo, a provider of VOIP services, and fold that company's products into MSN Messenger by the 'end of 2005'.

More to come.

Scientific-Atlanta in IPTV deal with Microsoft

Microsoft and Scientific-Atlanta have entered into a deal for Microsoft's IPTV software to power Sci-ATL's IPTV set-top boxes.

This is BIG!

Since MSFT is not primarily a hardware company, Xbox and input devices aside, partnering with a seasoned company in the set-top box space will allow Microsoft to do what it does best: leveraging it's software prowess to providing a quantum, and innovative leap in television viewing.

I, for one, am looking forward to the fruits of this labor for both personal, and professional reasons: I am building a home which will be powered entirely by off-the-shelf Microsoft technologies, and in turn, will leverage that into a new division at the job.

Cingular iTunes phone imminent

Cingular Wireless' iTunes phone will suppossedly be announced at the Apple 'Music Event' scheduled for next week.


Sunday, August 28, 2005

Xbox 360 Giveaway: every 10 minutes!

Pepsi, in conjunction with is giving away 9072 Xbox 360 consoles.

In drawings every 10 minutes for nine weeks, you might win a console by entering the codes from caps of 1-litre and 20-oz bottles of Pepsi, Mountain Dew, and Sierra Mist at

I bought two 6-packs of 20-oz bottles and non of them contained any codes. I need to be more vigilant in my purchases as a win(s) solve a looming holiday gift cash drain. (Yes, less on gifts for others, more for me-self!)

Ironically, the site requires you to register for a Yahoo! account before sweepstakes entry. I bet someone in Redmond is finding it very, very funny!

Hurricane Katrina's eye touches down in Mobile, Alabama.

Our hearts go out to the residents of Mobile, Alabama and what they must be going through at this time!

Especially Dr. Roy Smith & his family, Basil Oigbokie & all members of the Club Of Mobile, Nakila Hall & her family, Al, Jennifer, & Joffre Johnson - Joffre has it twice, being a student at Xavier of NOLA, and getting hit at home and at school.

Be strong!

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Microsoft inks a deal for HALO Movie

The movie will be released in 2007 coincident with the next version of HALO.

Monday, August 22, 2005

Telvangelist issues/declares a 'fatwa'

Is this what we have devolved to?

We are Americans! And Christians!

For shame!!!

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

IE7 beta 1 review this weekend

My review of Windows Internet Explorer version 7, also known as IE7, will be delivered this weekend.
Cool logo!


Love the folks at Stardock.

For Vista beta 1 users, they have a beta of StyleVista, their new product for Vista.

Check it out.

Definitely worth it.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Off-Point: Crocs & HIV

Australian researchers har determined that crocodiles are resistant to the HIV virus.

More uses for the old portmanteau, eh?

$3b USD for Skype?

This offends on several levels.

First, because I did not invent Skype. Second, because I did not invent Skype. Third, because...

You get the picture.

Actually, this is the Internet at its best!

Kudos to you guys.

John Carmack uses Xbox 360 for primary dev.

For someone who decrys game consoles, this is a serious step.

The XNA development environment must also help.

Dell scores 30.000 systems sale to UBS

Pretty nice commission!

Of RSS, Atom, & Feeds

The chatter is currently at a very obnoxious level with respect to the naming of feed syndication in Windows Vista and IE7 as feeds.

Dave Winer, creator of the RSS spec, is particularly enraged, exhorting MSFT to rename as RSS.

I wonder where he, and all the other complainers were when RSS was named as 'Live Bookmarks' in Firefox? Or whatever it is called in other browsers/OSs? Where were you, guys?

If the feeds (note that I am using the Microsoft convention; you can determine what my position is) are Atom feeds, as used by Blogger/Blogspot, the blog engine/bloghost of this weblog, do we still call them RSS?

Take a chill pill and relax.

It can be called anything. It is their OS and browser. With a publicly available spec. Don't all gasoline companies have a 'special' name for their formulations of regular and super unleaded gas?


OS X: Another month, more patches!

What a patch month this is for Apple and OS X.

AAPL is patching 43 vulnerabilities in OS X. 43!

Mind you, this is the 3rd month of patching. 43!

And where is Mac fanboy? 43!

43 vulns!

While AAPL does not rate the criticality of the patches, a security firm rates a couple of them as 'very critical'.

Read me that manifesto about the security of OS X again. While I’m trying to patch wifey’s PowerBook and the G5.


Isn’t that more than MSFT has patched XP in the year so far?

Repeat: 43 vulns!

Intel cuts Pentium 4 prices

Let the clear-out of inventory to make way for Pentium D (dual-core) begin!

Monday, August 15, 2005 to start DVD rentals?

But for the CEO of being Bezos, senior management at should have been reprimanded at the very least, or made to resign at this missed opportunity!

Let’s look at The Facts:
  1. The premier name in e-tailing

  2. Great customer service

  3. Amazing CRM and customer goodwill

  4. A fantastic distribution system.

Yet, what did they do?

Let Netflix into the coop to steal their thunder.

This IS a market, IMO, they NEED to be in. And fast!


The DVD rental market, should they decide to enter it, will be a true test of this management’s capabilities.

Intel to accelerate Xeons

Intel® to accelerate dual-core Xeons with ‘Paxville’.

This would have to be filled under no-brainer!

Talk about falling asleep at the wheel! Especially at a speed of 3.8GHz with Hyperthreading, Netburst, etc.!

The time taken for Intel to address the AMD threat really shows that when Grove retired, he really let ‘Prof’ run the show.

And they underestimated AMD, forgetting that it too was under new management, with Ruiz, instead of the colorful Sanders.

It is not enough to have the most perfect fab process, and capacity, you also need to have the best chips. Period.

RIAA: CD burners did it!

Accuses CD burners?

These guys need to shake themselves!

Give the world a better, competitively priced product(s), and we’ll buy.

Not the warmed-over crap you currently peddle.


Sunday, August 14, 2005

News Corp mulling Search buy

Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp reportedly mulling acquisitions in search.

Can’t rule this guy out.

Remember SkyTV? B Sky B (or whatever it is called)? Fox and DirectTV?

However, this time, he will be going against competitors that are more innovative and nimble than the network honchos he has previously faced.

That said, this is good as it will make the other networks sit up, realize that the Internet now mainstream, and is here to stay.

It should also make the other networks start formulating coherent strategies to take advantage of the ‘Net; definitely not the crap they were all jumping into after the Time Warner & AOL fiasco and/or during the last bubble.

BTW, Blinkx is the rumored object of desire.

Saturday, August 13, 2005

Firefox loses market share.

This was to be expected.

Leastways by any business-minded person.

Once the glow is off, and the same, similar, or affiliated miscreants that plague Internet Explorer find out that they have a new target, Firefox's invincibility, like the emperor's nakedness, will be exposed.

Furthermore, Microsoft is developing , and yours truly is beta testing, IE7, which, so far, will not only catch up with Firefox, but lap it in terns of security, extensibility, and usability.

Hopefully, the Mozilla Foundation will not be discouraged and pack up their toys; their improvements to browser technology provided the impetus for IE7.

And I thank them, implore them to take heart, and hunker down for the impending MSFT onslaught.

We are the Borg. Resistance is futile!

Friday, August 12, 2005

Microsoft's 'iPod Patent'

Sometimes, a step back from the chatter in the blogosphere is always informative, and, undoubtedly refreshing.

With respect to the noise about Microsoft beating Apple to the iPod patent punch, Lisa DiCarlo has a report on titled 'The Real Deal on Microsoft's Playlist Patent' that gives the truth about the entire iPod pattent kefluffle.

As usual, Forbes, and, show why they are one of the Internet's must-read business sites. Build your own renderfarm

A very informative article on details how to create your own renderfarm.

Pretty cool.

Now there is a use for those old computers.

Thanks, guys.

Novell’s ‘Hula’ to take on Exchange.

To take on Exchange?

While I applaud NOVL for hanging in there, I would not take this ride.

A Scottish police force returns to Office

The Central Scotland Police Force has jettisoned StarOffice and returned to Microsoft Office for 400 seats.

A few years back, they had migrated to StarOffice as a way of saving money, the primary argument of open source backers.

Unfortunately, as we see in our business everyday, the important questions were never probably asked. When the bottom line, and in a lot of cases, IT Guy’s current religious fervor is the mantra, problems loom.

The police force found out that ‘virtually compatible’ is not the same as compatible.

The cost savings? After the monies owed the consultants and support staff were added, there weren’t any.

Give them props for bailing out right away, and not waiting for either the ‘next’ release, or an open source fix that might never come.

Apples iPod patent fiasco

This is one of those stories that are totally unbelievable!

Apple’s iPod UI patent application was denied, because Microsoft had applied for a similar patent 5 months earlier.

Making matters worse is the fact that – sit down for this – the Microsoft patent application was submitted months after release of the iPod.

Gee, somebody goofed?

Does this mean that Jobs, who must be fuming that he only got $150m while McNealy got $2b, may have to give the $150m back to MSFT as royalties.

Got a word for this if it is true and AAPL has to pay MSFT:


Lunar trips soon for civilians

My personal lifelong ambition was, and still is, to be an astronaut.

Cards did not fall the right way for me, but, you never know.

For the few who have the money to buy their way in, and I don’t mean Lance Bass, spending $20m USD to go into space is the ultimate purchase.

And the ultimate in bragging rights! Witness the following imaginary conversation between well-heeled friends.

“Hello, Jim. I just got back from Bora Bora in my new 400’ yacht.” “Me, I just got back from the Space Station. Kinda cramped, but, you know.”

Well, make that the next to ultimate in bragging rights.

For a cool $100m USD, you can go to the moon.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen.

Lunar trips are here!

For an ambition I have had since I was 7, I tell you, if I had the kashh, I would be earthbound.

$100m is $100m! A lot of money!

And what do you call the takers:


MRO Blasts Off!

Cape Canaveral, Florida.
The Mars Reconnaisance Orbiter, MRO, blasted off a few minutes ago on it's way to Mars on a 4-yr mission.

It's mission is to send back more information than has ever been recorded by all prior Mars missions.

Bon Voyage!

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Treo 650, 670? using Windows Mobile 5.0

These rumors started out with a series of pictures I immediately thought were PhotoShop'd
Then came the video.
Now I feel I have to respond.
If it is true, kudos to Palm for finally embracing whatever is good for the company in the long run, shaking off any religious affiliation to any OS.
Also freeing up capital for them to do what they seem to do best: design delicioso devices.

iPod & South Korea

This just in.
Apple's iPod is failing to get any traction is South Korea.
Wonder why?

Dunpster divers unearth possible "Smoking Gun"

In re: MSFT vs GOOG, Kai-Fu Lee, et al.

Forensic dumpster divers, presumable working for Microsoft, recovered a document from the Recycle Bin on one of Lee's computers, containing a document that could be a smoking gun.

If what is rumored is true, could a smart man be any more stupid?

And GOOG would really look like neophytes!

Microsoft Strider HoneyMonkey Project

Trust MSFT to plow top researchers at a problem: that of malicious sites.
And the solution is simple and elegant.

And the name! Who said researchers ar no fun?

SCO Outlines UNIX Roadmap

This could either fall into one of two categories:

1) Wishful thinking, or

2) Really wishful thinking!

I cannot think of my business depending on a roadmap hatched by this crew .
Can you?

Off-Point: HEMI-powered BBQ!

This is a macho as it gets!
On Gizmag, there is an article on a Daimler-Chrysler contest for the best uses for a 350HP 5.7-litre HEMI V8.
While the BBQ won, check out some of these creations.
All photos remain the properties of their respective owners.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Windows Vista SDk goes Gold

Anti-Sanity Group aims to spoil Vista's Coming-Out Party


This story is so out there, the first thing you wan to do is make sure that it is not April 1.

This has got to be the most absurd position I have ever heard of, and from a seemingly educated man!



A while back, I sounded off on a new LCD monitor capable of giving 2 differing pictures/movies depending on your viewing position.

Now comes a real handy device, the VisionMirror(tm).

It’s a mirror with an embedded flat-panel monitor/TV.

With the monitor switched off, it appears as a regular mirror.

I like!

Initial link through Alice Hill’s RealTechNews, and follow-up to manufaturer’s website. Thanks, Alice.

Space Shuttle Discovery Lands Safely!

Talk about frequent flyer miles!

After going 5.8 million miles, taking them through 219 earth orbits in 14 days, the crew of the Discovery lands safely in California.

Praise the Lord.

This is a win! A much needed win for NASA, the US, the Space Program, and and all space travel afficionados.

Now we can get back to the design of the next-generation Orbiter.

Welcome back!

Monday, August 08, 2005

CRN: Windows Vista needs work.

On the website, in an article titled, 'Windows Vista Beta Needs Seasoning', a reviewer states that Windows Vista needs some more work to be acceptable.
Excuse me?
I was under the impression that this was a beta product. And the first beta in a series for a product due to be released in Q2 2006. Furthermore, this is a technical beta.
Where do these guys come off?
If the target for the software cannot use a technical beta, that is one thing, but to make a wholesale declaration like that is absurd!
Or, maybe, just maybe, Vista has been RTM'd and I was not aware.

Light bloggong next few days

I have a Midwest trip until Monday.

2 days business - Chicago, Detroit.

4 Days personal - Columbus, Dayton, and Yorktown, IN.


Sunday, August 07, 2005

Paul Thurrnott's Moonwalk on IE

Which browser has PASSED the Acid 2 test, Paul?

Please inform us!

As far as I know, which is not much, all browsers out there, including your saintly, beloved Firefox, have yest to pass the test. And the test, as you correctly admit, is a set of spec objectives.

Also, how do these 'standards' help us everyday?

You accuse Microsoft of using its dominance to influence standards.

And that is bad. Because??

Microsoft has the right to move matters and technology forward in any way it fells benefits its users.

If that means (unduly) influencing nascent standards, thats OK. Firm standards can also be modified to the benefit of users, not the standards committees.

If that offends, c'est la vie.

Architecturally, the embedding of IE into Windows, IMO, has been a boon for developers, allowing us to leverage the browser in providing a consistent interface for certain applications.

Paul's other two peeves about Microsoft, WGA and product activation, I do not see where the consumer is harmed.

With, arguably, the most counterfeited/pirated pieces of software in the world, what would you have Microsoft do?

Microsoft, being a public company, heck, even if it were a private company, has to protect its sources of revenue. The owners of the company require that.

Customers also benefit, as the revenures help fund R&D.

Fritz Pollard (finally?) inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame

It took so long for them to do this?

Fritz Pollard was only:

The 1st Black to play in the Rose Bowl.

The 1st African-American to be inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame.

The 1st Black to coach an NFL team.

And they couldn't recognize him while he was alive?

What an insular institution!!!

Shame on the Hall for taking so long!

Saturday, August 06, 2005

1st Vista Virus

Sometimes you just have to wonder about the journalistic integrity of news in the blogosphere.

When I first heard of this potential exploit, it was a head-scratcher!

How could it happen in real life? Nothing different from any virus targeting the command shell in any version of Windows.

The end user would have to make a series of incredible STUPID moves to allow a malicious scipt to run. Really stupid moves!

Then there is the whole issue of the potential exploit's vector, MSH, also known as 'Monad'. (Doesn't it sound like a 'g' is missing somewhere?)

MSH is NOT a part of Vista. It will NOT ship with Vista.

It will be released later, as an add-in. With the targeted audience of Monad (just love that codemane!) being sysops/administrators, it is hard to fathom these guys actually starting a process that allows threats into their systems ans networks.

As usual, errors all around.

What a shame.

Everyone wanted to be the first to report a Vista virus.

F-Secure, step up to the podium.

For this revelation, you have won... the envelope please....


Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Microsoft Word Redaction Tool add-in

Sometimes a newsflash or a review is so humorous that you just have to read either the article or headline.

An example is Mary Jo Foley's Microsoft Watch Website.

Apart from reporting the news, she always blows me away with her headlines. They are very witty, and always convey the news contained therein completely.

Check out this flash about the above news.

Astronauts use EVA to repair shuttle

These guys have the adventure of a lifetime!

And the brass!

Off-point: Felipe Massa replaces Rubens Barrichello starting 2006.

Ferrari has replaced their #2 F1 driver, Rubens Barrichello with Felipe Massa starting with the 2006 season.

Barrichello will reportedly sign with BAR.

IBM: Microsoft Office is in our crosshairs.

Oh yeah?

Since when? And with what?

Lotus Office? Notes? Workplace? Websphere? What?

What is more impressive is that the perp in question is being pushed upstairs for all his work.

Roping defenseless cattle (captive accounts) and growing your revenues by increasing prices certainly works in Armonk.

Oracle's Acquisitions

The addition of Chuck Phillips as a president of Oracle seems to be paying off big for the former database-only vendor.

Since Phillips came onbaord, Oracle has gone on an acquisiton spree, broadning the company's applications software offering.

Good move.

IE7 breaks ....(insert name)....

Guys, it is only beta 1!

The 1st beta.

For technical dissection only.

So improvements can be made!

Calm down, report bugs and help the dev. process.


Tuesday, August 02, 2005

IE7 & Acid

As usual, the guys over at Ars Technica have a complete analysis of the current hubbub over IE7, CSS compliance and the Acid test.

Props to them, as usual.

Bill Hilf to speak at LinuxWorld

Microsoft's Bill Hilf will be a speaker at this year's LinuxWorld Conference.

Take the fight to 'em, eh?

Miami Heat to sign Shaq for $100 million


No comment!

Apple 'invents' multi-button mouse!

Just like the GUI!

According to The Register, "Apple hauls mouse technology into the 1990s."

Need I say more?

Microsoft's patent applications onslaught!

Here it comes!

The reaction to Microsoft applying for, and being awarded oodles of patents is becoming vitriolic. Anytime MSFT is sued, they deserve it.

However, when they apply for, or are awarded a patent, these same people start moaning, and look for prior art.

In a blog on Fast Company, the writer references an article in yeaterday's New York Times complaining of the patent system in general, and the volume of Microsoft's patent applications and awards in particular. Nowhere (in the NYTimes article) did I see any references to the volume of awards to other companies.

And the NYT article contained glaring omissions. All these by a 'Silison Valley historian'.

As usual, the fangs came out, with errors everywhere.

The following is my reply to such a post:

gg, Stop!

If you have no idea what you're talking about, and clearly, you don't, do not regurgitate what you read in the blogosphere as fact.

  1. Microsoft bought the code for DOS from Seattle (Micro) Computer Products, and modified it.
  2. Xerox Palo Alto Research Center (PARC) developed the original graphical user interface. They did not develop the Microsoft Windows GUI.
  3. What Microsoft is doing is lawful. Using the law for competitive advantage is not only OK, it is the right thing to do.
  4. Whatever is done in other countries is fine for them. However, I don't see as much innovation coming from their copycat ideas. Heck, I don't see ANY innovation at all.
If Microsoft spends $680m USD on forward-thinking innovation yearly, that is still a lot of cash.

Upper management at MSFT has a fiduciary duty to shareholders to improve the business. If spending $6.12b USD on gradual improvements in current software systems is what improves the lot of shareholders, then do that.

Rather that than some esoteric research that will never bear fruit in this reality.

If the research brings in small, useful innovations, then, by all means, patent them.

Where are all these contrarians when Microsoft is sued for software patent infringement? Where?

If Microsoft can use its own patents as a club to stop patent hawks from suing, then all is well.

Furthermore, if this is history as seen by 'Silicon Valley historian' Randall Stross, I cringe at what history he is seeing, and writing about.

A waste of valuable trees.

To wit:
"That is not what the framers of the Constitution wanted." And you know this, how??? Did you channel the Constitutional Drafting Committee?

The EU rejected uniform software patent standards accross its territory. It did not reject software patents; all software patent legislation is individual countries are still valid. Sheeez!

I'm not a historian or journalist, but I read everywhere that journalists always check their facts. That must not apply to Silicon Valley historians.

The Facts.

Just The Facts!

Monday, August 01, 2005

Microsoft: We Have Linux's number

It is refreshing to see that upper management and the troops are focussed on the Linux threat to Windows, especially on the desktop.

While it will never surpass Windows in terms of innovation and pure technological excellence, Linux is 'good enough'. Especially when you use first-rate Kubuntu Linux (Ubuntu 5.04 w/ KDE interface)

This supposition/assumption on the part of users creates buying inertia, which translates into loss of customer loyalty, and the attendant loss of sales.

In later posts, I will delve into what moves need to be made to help this Microsoft Partner combat these issues.