Saturday, December 03, 2005

66-19 Shellacking

This has been, and continuing to be, an extremely f*cked up year for me in sports!

Trip this:
  1. FIA Formula 1 Grand Prix: Ferrari came third with Schumi winning just a few races.
  2. 2004-2005 NBA season: After getting rid, thank God, of the Big Malcontent, Kazzam, my Lakers did not go to the NBA playoffs for the first time since Daryl Gates was police commissioner of Los Angeles, and the unfortunate Rodney King affair.
  3. MLB: The Yankees folded before the Pacoima Angeles of Yorba Linda like a Yugo meeting a Freightliner head-on!
  4. NCAA Basketball: The UCLA Bruins vanished faster than a tip to the waitresses at Crustacean.
  5. NCAA Football: The UCLA Bruins, not content to loose to the crosstown USC Condoms, proceeded to get a major-league shellacking at the hands of said Condoms, in the process solidifying our position as their bee-yai-ches for the next 365 days! Final Score 66-19! SheeeZ!!! For goodness sakes, Reggie Bush had 200+ rushing yards by hafltime!
More unbelievably, the Clippers, yes, that perennial bunch of LOSERS, are currently atop the Pacific Division while the Lakers are under .500.

To crown it all, since I am a SoCal homer, I have to root for the Condoms during the Rose Bowl!

Crustacean is a restaurant in Beverly Hills, CA.

What a sports year!!!