Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Ray Ozzie

Several years ago, Bill G. called Ray Ozzie, then the developer of what became Lotus Notes at Iris Associates, “The best programmer in the world”, and in subsequent interviews, intimated that he would like Ray to work for him.

Ray left Lotus and founded Groove Networks, whose eponymous product redefined groupware, leastways from a web-based and mobility standpoint.

Well, Bill G. got his wish when Microsoft purchased Groove Networks, and Ozzie went to work for him as CTO.

Why the history lesson?

As a shareholder of MSFT, if you look at the current (internal) Microsoft memos ‘leaked to the world', both from Gates and Ozzie, you would have to be glad that Ray works at Microsoft.

His memo elucidates clearly what is needed to both move Microsoft forward and staunch the perception that MSFT has missed the bus.

I also have to give Bill G. and Stevie B. (sounds like a hip-hop group, MC Bill G. and DJ Stevie B, don’t they?) props for hiring the right personnel for the job.

Goes to why I like the company, own the stock, and have my company focused on delivering solutions leveraging their technology!