Sunday, October 23, 2005

Xbox 360 Kiosk Rollout Details had a 'scoop' on Xbox 360 retail store kiosk details:

An MS rep (who chooses to remain anonymous) has tipped us off to the rollout plans of the Xbox 360 kiosk in all the major U.S. gaming retailers. Here are the details:

  • All current Xbox display units in Wal-Mart will be replaced with Xbox 360 kiosks over the next three weeks. (Our previous story confirmed the start of this work during the past week.)
  • Best Buy kiosks start arriving next week, and installation should be done by the week after.
  • Target and Toys “R” Us will get inline displays (like the one pictured here), while other stores—including GameStop, EB, and Circuit City—will get either freestanding kiosks (”which look great”) or specialty display cabinets.

Finally, all of the display kiosks will use Samsung 23” HDTVs, as noted in the past. So… if you haven’t been able to play 360 demos up to this point, you’ll probably have a very good chance to do so in the near future.