Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Microsoft to include Antispyware in Vista

If reports are true, Microsoft will be making Microsoft Antispyware, in some form, a basic part of windows.

eWeek is running the story, including confirmation from a Microsoft manager.

My deciphering of the news is that a basic antispyware function, whatever that means, would be included in all versions of Vista.

(We're talking about the grown-up versions, not Starter!)

Also, there would be some sort of API or upgrade path to retail versions of other anti-spyware products.

I like that fact, however, you can believe that the MSFT competitors that cannot/do not want to compete in the market must be in conference with their lawyers and/or antitrust officials right now, crying wolf!
You can also trust that most of the news did not reveal that little nugget of info.