Saturday, October 22, 2005

Intel VIIV

The Intel Viiv system, (VIIV?) rhymes with 'jive', was seen in a preview at the DgitalLife Expo in NYC last weekend by The Hive member, MichaelHWG.

Michael was blown away by the 'Quick Resume' (Instant On/Instant-Off) functionality of the Viiv.

Waiting for a friend's system (P4, 2.4GHz, 512MB RAM), to boot up today, I got to thinking of Mike's (Michael-HWG) reaction to the Quick Resume (Instant-On/Instant-Off) feature of the upcoming Viiv systems.

If you imagine a seasoned vet's impressed reaction, can you imagine what the general public's would be?

This will probably cement the MCE's place in the living room/home as a media server, even without a tuner.

This feature, if it trickles down to even mid-range system, not to talk of entry-level systems - a totally blue-sky scenario - for the holiday season of 2006, coinciding with the intro of Vista, would definitely makes things interesting.

2006 is shaping up to be a wonderfully exciting year for computing technology; and not just for IT professionals, but fo the proletariat as well.