Friday, October 21, 2005


The CEO of a Town & Country, Missouri-based communications company is being sued for disputing a $241,000 USD bill from a strip club.

I kid you not about the name of the town; they probably saw a country bohunk coming and decided to show the Good Ole' Boy how it's done in Da Big Citi!


American Express,through its eponymous subsidiary, said the CEO charged the amount on his corporate AMEX card at the Scores strip club in New York in a marathon session.


With three other men, the CEO allegedly used the 'Presidential Suite' where lap dances cost $10,000 USD per, and single bottles of champagne cost over $1000.00 USD.


$10,000 lap dance?

WTF is this?

Who the F*ck is the dancer?

Michelle Pfeiffer at 30?

Nicollette Sheridan at 26?

Dude, no Ho' is that bitchin'!!!


$1000+ charmy?

From grapes grown in what galaxy? It ain't that bubbly!


And the charges are from October 2003.

To crown it all, this bozo, the CEO, used his corporate card!

His corporate card, folks!


Why does this guy still have a job?

Unless he it the largest shareholder of the company, he should not only be circling the drain.

He should get run.

And fast!


The name of the CEO and his company have not been disclosed here, not for fear of litigation, but to help shield his family from further derision