Friday, September 09, 2005

New Sony Walkman

These Walkman devices, I presume, are the very best Sony can come up with?

Looking at their VAIO devices, their defunct Clié PDAs, their former portable music players, and now, this, makes me very, very sorry for them as a company.

They seem to have been smitten with the IBM-style penchant for incompatible devices based on what they saw as the premium-ness of their brand.

Oh yeah?

Whoever green-lighted this brain-dead contraption should commit hara-kiri 腹切り immediately to save face for not only the company, but his/her own honor.


They are also exhibiting the classic symptoms of an entrenched company looking back at past glories. As a result they think that there is such a premium vested in the Sony and or Walkman brand that they can come up with such shit as an incompatible music format for their portable players and the Mini-Disc. (The Mini-Disc is an apropos example of a ‘what if we gave a party, and no one came’ type of device!)

These new devices do not support WMA; as such still limited to Sony’s music store.

Nowadays, no one gives a fuck about the Sony brand.

Time may prove me wrong, but I doubt it would be this WalkMan.

Listed Up!

The Walkman era is so over!

What a bunch of MYOPIANS!