Wednesday, September 07, 2005

iPod nano

Hot and cold. Hit and miss.

nano and ROKR

In another excellent example of stealth marketing, Apple introduced the iPod nano under the guise of the introduction of the iTunes phone, the Motorola ROKR.

Feel free to pencil me down as one who would not be seen with the abortion called the ROKR.

But the nano! Man, this product is sweeeeet! An excellent example of brand extension.

But would I shell out the kash? No!

I already possess – with wifey – an iPod 20G, and two iPod shuffles, and I just won a Creative Zen Micro from The Hive, not to talk about the IPAQ and Axim 50.

Plus, it is sold at Wal-Mart!

Where is the snob appeal?

I have to use other earphones to differentiate.

My earlier post has some of my feelings on the ROKR