Sunday, August 07, 2005

Paul Thurrnott's Moonwalk on IE

Which browser has PASSED the Acid 2 test, Paul?

Please inform us!

As far as I know, which is not much, all browsers out there, including your saintly, beloved Firefox, have yest to pass the test. And the test, as you correctly admit, is a set of spec objectives.

Also, how do these 'standards' help us everyday?

You accuse Microsoft of using its dominance to influence standards.

And that is bad. Because??

Microsoft has the right to move matters and technology forward in any way it fells benefits its users.

If that means (unduly) influencing nascent standards, thats OK. Firm standards can also be modified to the benefit of users, not the standards committees.

If that offends, c'est la vie.

Architecturally, the embedding of IE into Windows, IMO, has been a boon for developers, allowing us to leverage the browser in providing a consistent interface for certain applications.

Paul's other two peeves about Microsoft, WGA and product activation, I do not see where the consumer is harmed.

With, arguably, the most counterfeited/pirated pieces of software in the world, what would you have Microsoft do?

Microsoft, being a public company, heck, even if it were a private company, has to protect its sources of revenue. The owners of the company require that.

Customers also benefit, as the revenures help fund R&D.