Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Of RSS, Atom, & Feeds

The chatter is currently at a very obnoxious level with respect to the naming of feed syndication in Windows Vista and IE7 as feeds.

Dave Winer, creator of the RSS spec, is particularly enraged, exhorting MSFT to rename as RSS.

I wonder where he, and all the other complainers were when RSS was named as 'Live Bookmarks' in Firefox? Or whatever it is called in other browsers/OSs? Where were you, guys?

If the feeds (note that I am using the Microsoft convention; you can determine what my position is) are Atom feeds, as used by Blogger/Blogspot, the blog engine/bloghost of this weblog, do we still call them RSS?

Take a chill pill and relax.

It can be called anything. It is their OS and browser. With a publicly available spec. Don't all gasoline companies have a 'special' name for their formulations of regular and super unleaded gas?