Saturday, August 06, 2005

1st Vista Virus

Sometimes you just have to wonder about the journalistic integrity of news in the blogosphere.

When I first heard of this potential exploit, it was a head-scratcher!

How could it happen in real life? Nothing different from any virus targeting the command shell in any version of Windows.

The end user would have to make a series of incredible STUPID moves to allow a malicious scipt to run. Really stupid moves!

Then there is the whole issue of the potential exploit's vector, MSH, also known as 'Monad'. (Doesn't it sound like a 'g' is missing somewhere?)

MSH is NOT a part of Vista. It will NOT ship with Vista.

It will be released later, as an add-in. With the targeted audience of Monad (just love that codemane!) being sysops/administrators, it is hard to fathom these guys actually starting a process that allows threats into their systems ans networks.

As usual, errors all around.

What a shame.

Everyone wanted to be the first to report a Vista virus.

F-Secure, step up to the podium.

For this revelation, you have won... the envelope please....