Thursday, July 28, 2005

AOL tests ......(insert name here)....

If there is any company that has fallen into total irrelevancy faster, and deeper than AOL, please let me know.

There have been news reports of AOL releasing this....., beta testing that..., and somehow, no one seems to care.

Their current irrelecancy is well deserved, though.

Talk about hubris!

And they were everywhere, leaving artifacts on your system after uninstalls, and making it a nightmare for you to cancel their service.

None of that, however, is anything compared to the utter lack of foresight and strategy on the part of management with regards to broadband.

Funny thing was that they had the pioneering RoadRunner broadband service that was never bundled with the AOL service, and joined the NOISE coalition. (Novell, Oracle, IBM, Sun Microsystems, Everyone else)

What a shame!

I hope they take the 'America' out of their name.



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